My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine

By Beatrix Koch We all have hobbies and passions and when it turns into something meaningful and serious, it could be really interesting. My passion is, besides contemporary art, writing. I like to submit my stories to literature contests, especially if there is a given topic. The ArtAscent magazine has quite often a call for … Continue reading My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine


Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon

by Beatrix Koch I wrote this short story for a competition and it was selected by the jury. The ArtAscent Magazine called for artists and writers on the topic of BEAUTY. Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon Photo credit: and Getty Images (1953) I was only sixteen that spring, when I applied for the photograph … Continue reading Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon


DAILY  ME – From my (not official) diary 15.05.2018 TIMING Sometimes a present really comes at the best possible time. Suppose, even though it is already May, you still haven't got your energy and vitality back after the long winter months. Perhaps things haven't been working out so well in your job either. Then suddenly, … Continue reading Timing