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Book publisher wanted!

I am working with my fantastic editor, Candice Mitchell on the English translation of my very first book, which is only available in Hungarian. I am looking for publishing houses to publish the English version before Christmas 2022.

Final stop: Switzerland
In this non-fiction book, I have combined my experiences as a new immigrant, like a blog or a memoir, with many collected bits of information. I wanted to show my point of view while still trying to be objective simultaneously.

What is this book about? A personal diary based on our experiences as immigrants. The story begins with one of the most selfish decisions: we went to work in Switzerland, a rich and prosperous country. We adapted to life here during the first few years, learned and respected the values, and started to get to know the customs. When we went somewhere, the names of the places were no longer foreign. We were less amazed at the stunning natural beauty. When we returned from a summer vacation or a Christmas break, we were always filled with joy to be here again.

It was 2012 — the economic crisis seemed to consume the world. I lived in Hungary then and tried to work in the building industry as a product manager abroad. I applied for several jobs in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. No one responded. I couldn’t find my focus until I heard a story about a young couple, both architects, who could manage to get architect jobs in Zurich. I googled the city, and pictures popped up with the lake and river, the old townhouses. I was enchanted. I knew at this very moment that I would love to work and live here. This was the turning point of my job search.

Through our family story, I present our own lives and all that we have seen and experienced in seven years. And because I know a lot of people are also curious about the practical parts, in the guide at the end of the book, I’ll give tips to anyone who wants to live and work in Switzerland themselves. If I could do it, they can do it too – I would like to inspire them with my story.

The Hungarian version is available here (print): https://lnkd.in/eCrMru5Q
And here (e-book): https://lnkd.in/ezFw_pDk


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