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You return in my dreams

1. Shores of Liguria, Italy I just couldn´t sit tight, I´d been walking around in circles for hours. From time to time I would lean out of the balcony to scan the sea with my eyes. I was waiting for a ship that was only supposed to arrive hours later. The seagulls by the shore… Continue reading You return in my dreams

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Lánysors – Fate of a girl

2019-ben ebben a könyvben jelent meg egy novellám, melyet a "Bántalmazás" irodalmi pályázatra küldtem be. A történetet még 2017-ben írtam meg, suta kis írás lett, de számomra fontos lépés volt: elindultam egy úton, amely az őszinteség és a múlttal való szembenézés útja volt. In 2019 my short story was published in this book above. The… Continue reading Lánysors – Fate of a girl

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Wedding Ring and Coffee

By Beatrix Koch Photo credit: Heiner We were sitting in Budapest, in a hotel restaurant with our South-African friends who also live in Switzerland, Jenni and Peet, and they started to talk about the wedding rings. They only confessed after five years of friendship, how they were confused about our not-wearing-our-wedding-rings habit. Of course we had wedding-rings, not… Continue reading Wedding Ring and Coffee

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My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine

By Beatrix Koch We all have hobbies and passions and when it turns into something meaningful and serious, it could be really interesting. My passion is, besides contemporary art, writing. I like to submit my stories to literature contests, especially if there is a given topic. The ArtAscent magazine has quite often a call for… Continue reading My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine

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Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon

by Beatrix Koch I wrote this short story for a competition and it was selected by the jury. The ArtAscent Magazine called for artists and writers on the topic of BEAUTY. Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon Photo credit: and Getty Images (1953) I was only sixteen that spring, when I applied for the photograph… Continue reading Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon