I love to illustrate my stories. The technique I use is paper collage. Paper collage is something that I like to do with my hands, not with the computer, camera, or applications. This unique technique allows me to go into tiny details to better understand the setting of the story.

If you like my illustrations and would like to have a similar style for your book or book cover – contact me.

Swiss Illustrations (2020-2021)

My first book is a non-fiction book about my (and my family) Swiss life.

When I first arrived to Zürich, I was impressed with the beauty of the city. In downtown Zürich, among the medieval houses, the wind was playing with the Swiss flags. It was almost unbelievable to think that maybe soon we too wouldn’t be strangers here anymore:

I captured a beautiful Capella from Engelberg and the lovely landscape of the Hirzel hills:

City of Zug: When I arrived in Zug, the streets, the houses, the parks, everything was glowing in the sunshine, it seemed more like an Italian town than a Swiss one.

Even the sunset is amazing in Zug:

Illustrations other books

For a fantasy:


Scenes of the book: New York – Antibes – Paris in 2050

I don’t have a topic for these 2 new collage yet…

And more and more … coming soon!