By Beatrix Koch The Wife The flowers were lying in a trash can at the Hospital “Istvan” as she headed home with her husband in the car. Her leg was in a plaster. It broke when she slipped on the tram stairs earlier that day. She fell on the ice at the “Blaha Lujza” Station, … Continue reading Flowers from a Stranger


Flowers from a Stranger

Dolce Vita

🇨🇮 Dolce Vita 🇨🇮 in Moneglia, Italy Peter and I were looking for some local bar to have a lunch-bite after a sunny and sea-salty beach morning. Our bathing costumes were wet yet and I could taste the salty water in my mouth. The Hemingway Café was in the middle of the little village, and … Continue reading Dolce Vita

My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine

By Beatrix Koch We all have hobbies and passions and when it turns into something meaningful and serious, it could be really interesting. My passion is, besides contemporary art, writing. I like to submit my stories to literature contests, especially if there is a given topic. The ArtAscent magazine has quite often a call for … Continue reading My short story will be published in ArtAscent Magazine