Hi there, and WELCOME to my website.

I am Beatrix Koch, an architect, and urban designer, and passionate about art, writing, and reading. 

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About the Author

Beatrix studied architecture and urban design in Budapest.
Today she lives and works in Switzerland.
Three of her short stories were published in 2019: “Fate of a Girl” in the anthology “Abuse”, “Flowers from a Stranger” in the anthology “novum #4” and the “Exploring the Marilyn Monroe Phenomenon” in the famous art magazine in ArtAscent.

In 2020 she won the best story award in the ABSTRACT edition of the ArtAscent Magazine.


Her interest in literature besides architecture and art dates back to her early childhood. In 2018 she started publishing her short stories online, mainly for her friends, both in English and Hungarian. She writes in her two blogs ARTODU ART BLOG and BEATRIX KOCH BOOKS, about art, culture, and interesting stories.

In 2019 she started to study creative writing at the Peterfy Academy in the Master Class. In June 2021, she published her first non-fiction book -about her experience in Switzerland- in Hungarian.

In 2023 she self-published the English version of her book “FINAL STOP: SWITZERLAND” and the book is now available on many online platforms (paperback and e-book).

Final stop Switzerland Beatrix Koch

I write a lot about everything. And I also make drawings, on all kinds of paper, in notebooks, on my phone, on post-its, on my laptop.
I enjoy observing and taking hold of moments of everyday life. A few words, gestures and looks can give an insight into the complicated, intricate, and unique depths of people’s fates. As I think about them, these small moments come to life, and that is how my short stories are born. 

My family has German roots, I am a descendant of German settlers who settled in Hungary in the 18th century. In my novel “Tales of Black Forest,” I wrote about the daily life in such a village and finding a new home where these people could feel safe. I passionately love the little village where I lived for two years after my birth. These first two years of my life are burning in my mind and heart; that is the reason for the birth of this novel.
Writing was not hard work in this situation. The words came simply after each other, and the tale was formed day by day. I just imagined the difficult time when this group stood up and moved to a new land. We made a similar move with my family when we left the Hungarian environment behind and decided to come to Switzerland. It was a very complex decision that wasn’t easy to make.
In this blog, I use two languages to reach both my international and Hungarian friends and readers. With this blog, I would like to share a few parts of my novels with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

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