Alice’s Adventures in Geometry-Land

By Beatrix Koch

My short story won the best story award in the ABSTRACT edition of the ArtAscent Magazine.

I had a dream.

The most confusing, scary and surreal dream.

In my dream I was little, as small as a tiny pencil point. The place where I lived seemed a big universe with lines, points and circles. I felt like a mouse in a trap, but this trap was anything just not an exactly defined place. It had no ending, no floor, no walls, no windows, no doors, only the grey lines, the red points and the semi-transparent, translucent white place around me. Actually I didn’t feel any gravity; I just went from one point to the other without any effort.

Somebody called a name: “Alice, Alice”. It was a tender but strong female voice.

 I instinctively knew, the voice came from my geometry teacher. I heard but couldn’t see her. I looked around again and I felt the place was kind of familiar. “Those lines and points are from my drawing yesterday evening.” I recognised the geometric elements, which I drew yesterday. They were alive! Every line, even the editing lines, were no longer in two, but in three dimensions. The lines transformed into big streets and statues, the points changed into huge balls. As time went on, I felt more and more insecure. My task was to solve the quiz and find out what the purpose of this geometric element was. “I couldn’t! I couldn’t find the answer!” I shout my fear hopelessly into the foggy air.

I heard the voice again from far away, so far, as if I was in deep water and the teacher was in a ship above. “Sooo, whaaat iiis theee reeesuuult, Aliiiiceeee?


The alarm clock finally rang. I took a shower and while I got ready, I pondered my strange dream again. It was weird, yet seemed so real. I was in a hurry this morning as usual, so I grabbed my schoolbag and ran to catch my tram. The tram was full and I saw a few classmates seated on it. I joined them, somebody asked me: “Have you studied for the exam today?”

“What exam?” I asked with increasing concern as I didn’t know anything about an exam. 

“You know, the descriptive geometry exam.”

Geometry? I never studied for geometry exams at college, everybody knew that. I had already learned a lot of geometry in high school, much more than the other students, so why would I study this again? I had one subject at least for which I never had to learn.

“No, I didn’t. But I dreamed of it.”  I answered with a funny tone of voice. Everybody laughed.

“Good for you, you are so lucky Alice,” said the boy next to me and smiled, I knew he was teasing.

“Hey, I am not Alice, alright? The teacher thought that my name was Alice, but never ever!”

Just not Alice, please, just not Alice.

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Copyright © 2020 BEATRIX KOCH BOOKS by Beatrix Koch. All rights reserved.

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