Colours, Lights and Moods on a September Evening

By Beatrix Koch It is the middle of September and everything pours out warmth yet. An evening after a workday, there is just enough time to go out somewhere. Oberwil is not too far from Cham, only eight kilometres, it is just fifteen minutes with bike. It is seven o'clock, you can see some people … Continue reading Colours, Lights and Moods on a September Evening

Book recommendation​ – The Why Cafe

#thewhycafe #johnstrelecky #bookrecommandation #beatrixkochbooks The Why Cafe - The inspirational bestseller by John Strelecky The book is a really short one, I only found it in the bookshop because it was recommended by the staff and because there was a red «Spiegel Bestseller» sticker on the cover. The backside of the book tells us that … Continue reading Book recommendation​ – The Why Cafe

Reading and Writing – Book Review I.

#reading #writing #inspiration #deborahfeldman #unorthodox #ueberbitten If you want to improve your writing skills it's crucial to read, read a lot. I love reading and I am always looking for new books, authors, and interesting topics. For me, it is a little complicated: living in Switzerland I can mostly read German books, not Hungarian books, but … Continue reading Reading and Writing – Book Review I.

My inspirational word for 2018

  #newyear #inpiration #perspective When a new year begins, many people are looking for some focus, theme, inspirational quotes. The inspiration sometimes comes from an article, book, movie or simply from the surrounding nature. A few years ago, in 2013 I choose only one word and it helped me through the whole year to stay focused and … Continue reading My inspirational word for 2018