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Dolce Vita

🇨🇮 Dolce Vita 🇨🇮 in Moneglia, Italy

Peter and I were looking for some local bar to have a lunch-bite after a sunny and sea-salty beach morning. Our bathing costumes were wet yet and I could taste the salty water in my mouth.

The Hemingway Café was in the middle of the little village, and looked like an easygoing and friendly place. We choose some panini, lemon soda and beer.

The food was good, lets try the coffee, I thought. Perfect, just perfect! The coffee was excellent, we enjoyed every sip of it. We were not the only ones! The locals came and came, one after the other to stay at the bar and nip the espresso quickly. Most of them were wearing workwear or shorts with T-shirts. One man came in long trousers and shirt, quite an elegant combination. He just started to drink his espresso, when we all heard a short whistle. It came from a fife, a police-fife to be exact.

We all looked at the police officer: he was with a bike and was looking for the owner of an incorrectly parked car. Incorrectly? The car was halfway on the crosswalk!

The elegantly dressed man put the coffee cup on the bar and ran outside.

“Arrive! Arrive” he shouted to the officer.

The officer just told him a “Bene” and a “Ciao” and turned back on his way.

The elegant man came back, finished his coffee, said good-bye to the staff and went to his car.

Problem solved, coffee consumed, Dolce Vita continues to live!

It is no wonder that the Hemingway Cafe was our favorite place during our holiday season in Moneglia 😊

Photo credit: Peter Horvath

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