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I heard about the book in the literature recommendation of the Swiss Radio, probably two years ago, and afterwards I started searching for the book in the bookshops but I never found it. Once before our summer holiday, I finally found it and I immediately bought it. The book was a perfect choice for the vacation: just interesting, fascinating and well written. It seems like the book somehow liked the feeling of being a holiday book, because I read the first and the next few chapters at the same beach, at the “Lido” in Luzern.

At the lido

Maybe because of the title of the book you associate it with George Orwell’s “1984” or Aldous Huxley’s the “Brave New World”. But the book «Germany 2064» is not like those two books. It is more based on what we know and on imagining the development in the science, infrastructure, and energy in the future as well as on scenarios about the future technology, demography, education, economy and about the future’s robot technology. All these visions and the exciting story – a kind of thriller- connect to each other through the genius fantasy of the writer.

Martin Walker has written a novel about our world in 50 years. An excitingly realistic thriller. The author has turned our risks and opportunities into a believable scenario of the future.

The basic plot is a mysterious disappearance of a famous, young and pretty singer, named Hati Boran. She is not only beautiful and gifted but also comes from a very influential and rich family. As the story begins, the two main characters, commander Brend Aguilar and his junior officer, Roberto (who is actually a robot) start to investigate.

Martin Walker lives in South-West France, in Perigold, a region with vineyards, where the regional market is a source of healthy food: amazingly fresh vegetables and special cheeses. His stone house, the country styled kitchen, the garden and all the surrounding landscape are a constant inspiration for Martin Walker. Not only in this book, but in his earlier novels as well. This “little paradise” has an important role in “2064” as well.

Because it is a future story, all the objects we use today will be a retro in the story – old but somehow valued things. In the future, all the things that we like today (accessories, furniture, design objects, instruments) will be more priceless because you will never be able to find these things in the well-organized, practical city home. The experience of traditional driving will also become a priceless luxury in the age of self-driving cars.

The restaurant with its own vineyard, with an old house and biological food will be a very special place between the modern city world and the world of the Rebels and Freelanders.

Karls restaurant is a symbol of the need of nature: surrounded by the most modern technology, we all have the desire to sit under the stars, to drink a glass of unique wine and enjoy the sound of an acoustic guitar. 

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