Germany 2064 – Book review

  #bookreview #germany2064 #futurenovel Martin Walker: Germany 2064 - future novel I heard about the book in the literature recommendation of the Swiss Radio, probably two years ago, and afterwards I started searching for the book in the bookshops but I never found it. Once before our summer holiday, I finally found it and I … Continue reading Germany 2064 – Book review


Book recommendation​ – The Why Cafe

#thewhycafe #johnstrelecky #bookrecommandation #beatrixkochbooks The Why Cafe - The inspirational bestseller by John Strelecky The book is a really short one, I only found it in the bookshop because it was recommended by the staff and because there was a red «Spiegel Bestseller» sticker on the cover. The backside of the book tells us that … Continue reading Book recommendation​ – The Why Cafe

Reading and Writing – Book Review I.

#reading #writing #inspiration #deborahfeldman #unorthodox #ueberbitten If you want to improve your writing skills it's crucial to read, read a lot. I love reading and I am always looking for new books, authors, and interesting topics. For me, it is a little complicated: living in Switzerland I can mostly read German books, not Hungarian books, but … Continue reading Reading and Writing – Book Review I.