The Wolf from Grisons

By Beatrix Koch

It was nearly Christmas but the mountains were covered only on the top with the desired white snow. The extended wild hunting season was almost over, only one day remained. The hunters hunted hundreds and thousands of wild animals, mostly deers, in the three weeks-long September season, but the amount was not enough for Canton Graubünden.

One last hunting day, one last day and after that everything would be the same again. It would be quiet and peaceful. Only the snow was missing.

The weather was not winter like, strong and dry wind was blowing among the trees. A wolf came forward from the dark forest, his shadow was as black as the winter sky.

He was alone. A young, strong animal who belonged to a wolf pack of Calanda’s and this area was his territory. His hunting place.

He stopped and looked around like a king. He was listening to the remote sounds of the gunshots.

The wolf could not know that he was not a direct target of the hunters, how could he?

He ran and ran and ran. Way too quickly. Something did hit him.

It wasn’t a bullet.

It was a car.



In 2018 there were 856 accidentally killed wild animals in Switzerland only in Canton Graubünden

Hunting target in 2019 in Graubünden: to cut the number of deers by 5560.

Season huntig licence for foreigners: 15’000 CHF, for local citizens 760 CHF

Photo credit: M.M. Hassan – ”Wolf Jungle Wolves Night” free stock photo

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