My inspirational word for 2018


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When a new year begins, many people are looking for some focus, theme, inspirational quotes. The inspiration sometimes comes from an article, book, movie or simply from the surrounding nature. A few years ago, in 2013 I choose only one word and it helped me through the whole year to stay focused and set priorities.

On the very first day of this new year, I experienced this miracle again. The wonder of the inspirational word, of my personal word. It was January 1, 2018.

Monday, brilliant, sunny weather. What can you do in this perfect weather, when you live in a beautiful country like Switzerland? Of course, you must go to the hills, mountains, to the lakes, outside. So did we with my husband, what else could we have done? The fact is, we had done it the day before too, we had been hiking on the mountain Rigi at he Seebodenalp. And on January 1, we went to the Pilatus and many-many hills showed like a blue-white, endless range of mountains. Through the clear air, everything was sharp and the Rigi was only one of the other mountains, not the giant mountain from our walk yesterday. And how different the Rigi looked from here!

PERSPECTIVE – came into my mind, and I understood that this moment was not only one of the beautiful moments I usually have when I look at the amazing view. No, this moment was a real inspiration for me, because I realized: what I saw yesterday (in the past year) was a giant mountain, and the same mountain looks today (in the new year) from another angle, from another perspective, completely different.

Yes, for this experience you must go far, far away – but the whole picture is worth it.

I hope that my discovery can give you some inspiration, too. We all need that – in our passions, life, business, and connections. I wish you all a very Happy New Year – from a new perspective!


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